For the Glory

The word God means something different for all of us. There are a plethora of religions in existence today and no matter what term they use for God, there is God energy. A.k.a Higher Power energy for those resisting organized religion.

It has been pointed out to me by a valued friend that God put us on this Earth to work for what we want – and work hard. Because if we engage in sloth, whatever would be accomplished?

My goal is to become fit. In hitting the gym every day and pushing myself past my limits, I am using my God-given talents and resiliency to advance myself. And it doesn't even need to be bodybuilding. Do you want that big promotion? Work your butt off! Are you an aspiring musician wanting to make it big? Start booking shows! Just, whatever you do, do it for the Glory of God…and have some fun while you're at it.

Edit: I neglected to introduce the topic of a Higher Power for those who don't champion organized religion. One is not superior to the other, rather they are equal.



Do you ever ruminate over issues from the past, present, or future? Even over things that are out of your control? Do you fear being judged or just plain worry about things?

Well, I can check all of the above boxes. The amount I worry usually depends on the day but those days have grown few and far between thanks to a book my mom sent me called "The Worry Cure". The novel is written by Robert Leahy and includes seven steps to stop worry.

I am only on page 43 and my mind has already become calmer. I believe my new state can be attributed to the fact that I am not the only anxious consumer of the material in the book. Being able to identify that other people have the same issues concerning "worry" that I do validates my views and opinions. And being validated is one way to calm the mind.

"The Worry Cure" contains an inventory concerning what you worry about, and another concerning domains of worry. These tools have helped me, and maybe you too, quiet my mind. Go out and buy a copy today!

The Bold Type

My friends know that I appreciate what could be called chick flicks and chick tv shows. I would call it a ceiling breaking show on FreeForm called “The Bold Type”. The show centers on 3 female friends who work for a magazine called “Scarlet”.

On the surface one may wonder why I’m interested in such a show. Subject matter on “The Bold Type” goes farther in terms of talking about taboo topics than any other contemporary show I’ve seen…and the writers do it with humor. After watching only two episodes I have encountered a great piece of advice for writers – go with what you feel and make the article yours. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. Experience goes a long way…longer than writing about something without any personality. People like to be able to relate to other people – how can one accomplish this if you’re phony and not genuine?

“The Bold Type” airs at 9pm EST on FreeForm. You can stream the show on

Edit: I must sincerely apologize for referring to “The Bold Type” as a “chick show”. I understand the irony of writing about a feminist show with a very unfeminist phrase such as “chick show”.

My Quest to Exercise

The time was roughly a month ago when I, for some reason, ceased going to the gym. Whether this is because I was feeling sick or not, I can’t be sure. What I can be sure of is that the transition from not exercising frequently to exercising daily is no easy task. To add to my woes, whenever I stop exercising I become lesss conscientious about what I eat. No doubt readers of this bog have sometimes felt the same feeling.

The main feeling I have about restarting a workout regime is, “Will I begin to feel sick again?” And that fear has paralyzed me. Only now it occurs to me that whether I am at home binge watching a show on Netflix or pumping iron, I’m safe. If I feel sickness coming on I am only a 15 minute ride from the gym. If I begin to feel distress 10 or 20 minutes in, I am not committed to finishing the workout.

Recently, I have begun riding in my car with either the radio turned off, or tuned to the Classical Music list on my iPhone (music that has no lyrics). I’ve found that if I constantly listen to music with lyrics, some nights I will replay random lyrics in my head and it can become incredibly distracting and debilitating. Plus, sometimes I would wake up and parts of a song will still be in my mind. I am happy to report, however, that as I have begun to drive with the radio off or tuned to classical music, I wake up fully rested (provided I slept enough) and care free. Try fiddling around with your customary routine of driving…you wont regret it!

Tools for Safety

Do you ever feel so stressed that you find it hard to concentrate? Do you get so anxious that you don’t think you’re able to handle anything? Then never fear, Netflix is here! Whenever I feel anxious I have found that comedies soothe me. In fact, my favorite show “How I Met Your Mother” is my safety show – meaning that it has the ability to soothe me.. OF course, HIMYM might not be your cup of tea. Fear not! You can search for your favorite show. Not on Netflix? Try Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu! If a comedy doesn’t suit you, watch something that has been recommended by Netflix, or venture onto YouTube…just don’t watch something too heavy.

Sometimes anxiety can creep up on you – before it does, when warning signs show themselves try reading a bit of fiction! Find anything that can distract you. Even going for a walk with a friend, chewing gum, or eating a healthy snack can make you feel safe. Talking it out or journaling also helps. Another tool is mindfulness meditation…and deep breathing. Concerning meditation and deep breathing, one must practice it daily to have any effect when you need it. My Apple Watch reminds me to breathe…I can choose for how many minutes I want to focus on my breath – when I’m to breathe in the watch vibrates at shorter and shorter intervals until it is time to exhale. I follow along with a blue orb that gets bigger and smaller depending on where I am in my breath. There is an iPhone app as well, called Smiling Minds. I am not sure if it is on Google Play, but it has several guided meditations. Pick a few of these tools, or use all of them and you can be sure that you will be able to handle distress.

A New School Year

Hello! Thanks for stopping by the blog. As the summer winds down, the school year is starting for those in the northern hemisphere. Within a couple of months, students’ stress can skyrocket. Drinking coffee, pulling all nighters, and procrastinating…but you don’t necessarily need to stress! As a 27 year old, I can’t work all night anymore. Not only do late nights often come with consuming junk food, but they also increase levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the blood. Also, procrastination can seem to be a good choice in the moment, but when you sit back and see the big picture procrastination has diminishing returns. We usually remember this information in the beginning of the semester, we can become lax as the semester rolls on. Here’s to hoping that won’t happen.

If you’re a returning student to your college or university, carry the momentum you had last year to this year! If you’re a freshman or a transfer student, start strong and create momentum in a positive direction! Here’s an idea: Try listening to some music while studying – my favorite is “Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi. My advice is to not listen to music with lyrics in them as those can distract from attentiveness while studying. Always remember that the staff at your college or university want you to succeed! And once the semester Is over,  use the break before the Spring semester to get refreshed and refocused. Spring will be here in no time!

Fashion Blogs!

The Sartorialist ( is blog dedicated to promoting awareness of new, emerging street styles. The blog focuses on the fashion hubs of the world, Milan, Paris and NYC.

The photographers for the blog seem to catch the most well dressed of street-goers, and arguably the most fashion-forward. One post of an older gentleman with a bag man bag and a blue trench coat talks about what the picture says. What is the man’s story? “How does he spend his day?” Sometimes the most interesting people also dress the most distinctly.

Buffalo Dandy (, is a website dedicated to the sophistication in Buffalo, NY. I must wonder at the difference between the way people dress on the street in fashion hubs and Buffalo. One reason may be the legacy of the different locations, and another may be weather and social and economic conditions.

Weekender bags and man-bags are common in all geographic areas, probably because of their utility and the increasing de-stigmatization of men using bags. All variety of trench coats also run rampant throughout the locations. The only time lag that exists now is through the sourcing process from manufacturer to retail store. The diffusion of style across geographic locations has minimized in the amount of time due to technology, most importantly the internet, and the media. Notable awards shows that have the red carpet, TV sitcoms and dramas and the like have made celebrities popular, which in turn compels fashion designers to adorn them with their creations.

WWD recently posted an article about the future of the fashion industry. It is oversaturated and many shows overlap. Can the fashion world be sustained? Is it going to implode? Sustainability isn’t just about the environment. The rapid innovation in technology is running frantic among the fashion industry and the players don’t know what to do. They better find out fast and provide a roadmap for the future, or the industry will collapse upon itself.